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Astronomers could have found the same eidine brother in the Sun Technology


One of the special things stars, is that they are not usually born alone. Usually they do it together with another similar star (or even multiple), forming at the same time and with similar compounds.

Furthermore, as said by the Spanish ABC newspaper, about 85% of them spend their lives with their "brothers" appropriate, as the rest is united.

However, within the stars of our galaxy that is not near his brother, exactly the Sul or solar system. This is, despite the fact that experts believe he was born with 4,570 million years ago.

Pixabay Pexels (CCO)
Pixabay Pexels (CCO)

In fact, astronomers maintain that our star lives, in a binary system, with one of their peers, but that some cosmic event causes them to separate.

That is why various researchers believe that there is somewhere losing the twin brother of the Sun, which could be discovered from the end.

According to the specialist Warning Science portal, so a team of astronomers led by researchers from the Institute of Astronomy and Portable Space Sciences, which through the specialist journal Astronomy and Astrophysics He noted this so-called star HD 186302, in 184 light years of Earth.

Although 100% of "relationships" can not be verified, experts say that HD 186302 has a temperature, brightness and chemistry quite similar to Sul As if this were not enough, they are practically the same age.

These features are much higher than those of the star F HD162826, who was offered as Sun's sister in 2014.

All these similarities between the Sun and HD 186302 mean that their perception will not be extremely important even if they do not have a direct relationship.

And that's just his presence that raises interesting questions: does he have blankets that turn around? And if they exist, could they have domains live in them?

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