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Asthma warning signs | THE UNIVERSITY


EAsthma is defined as a chronic disease that causes inflammation of the lungs and lungs, which is responsible for bringing in and out of these organs. It also makes the muscles in and around these tracks hardened or narrowed too much.

Because of the inflammation, the patient's airways produce sticky secretions of the name of mucus, while hardening muscles make it difficult to breathe.

Experts note that asthma can be a genetic disease, but some people may well develop it without any family history.

What can cause asthma?

According to the National Heart Foundation, the Lung and Blood, many factors can cause or stimulate asthma crisis among them: t

· Dust mites, animal fur, cockroaches, mold and pollen from trees, grasses and flowers

· Irritants such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, chemicals or dust in the workplace, compounds present in household or atomic products (for example, hair repair) t

· Sulphates present in food and drink

· Upper respiratory tract infections, such as colds.

· Physical activity (including exercise)

Factors such as sinusitis, heartburn, psychological stress and even sleep apnea contribute to respiratory emergencies. These health problems should be addressed within the overall asthma healthcare plan.

Due to difficulty in breathing, the child also experiences a choking feeling which restricts him to perform activities such as running or moving easily.

They can also highlight chest pain, abdomen or back. This is normal because in the effort to breathe they use accessory muscles and produce pain.

Episodes of different types of respiratory distress: difficulty breathing begins with a feeling of suffocation, that is, unable to get into the air properly to the lungs. The child who suffers from asthma begins to take rescue sites, to make gases that accelerate the respiratory rate and expand the thorax.

Cyanosis can go with this breathing difficulty, which includes a blue color that appears on the child's lips and fingers.

Cough: mainly dry cough. At first it can be mild, but it's a good time to start supplying the rescue medicine to the child, the most common one being salbutamol. The symptoms of medication control, relax the muscles that cover the airway and allow the air to circulate more easily. In an asthmatic crisis, the cough can also increase and stop being dry to wet, this happens when you start expeling secretions. In young children, the cough can be so strong that it produces vomiting, where they expel phlegm, mucus and thickness. In older children, the cough is a little more manageable.

A whistle in the chest: basically, there is a beep in the shape of an audible sound that comes from the chest. It is produced by blocking the bronchio when it is very inflamed and the air journey is difficult. This striking sound is evident when a physical examination is performed.

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