Thursday , January 21 2021

Ariel Levy fears just cooking temptations

The performance, the shelf and the stadium must wait for Ariel Levy. In 34 he decided himself in the new reality that Mega is preparing.

In a few days, you will have to face a hard test during the Andes mountain with 23 others, something that is quite exciting.

"I think it's a good format, it's an entertaining challenge. The economic part looks good and as long as I understand that the reward will depend on some of the things," says Levy.

The actor sees the broadcast this will have with MTV in March, but in March he broadcasts one of his films in Mexico: "It may help me strengthen what I have started in Mexico and what people in Chile know me ".

– Why really lock yourself? It's interesting to be isolated, it's just a few months, then I'll continue to do what I did before, even if I had opened new opportunities.

– Are you good in resisting temptations? People always remember that it is fat, obviously the change means resisting many cooking theories and perseverance in training.

– Mental in that? I am thinking of hunger, something that affects my mood, to survive and being in good condition can affect me a lot.

– Did the format accept? Absolutely, if I had gone in and just a jot, it's probably going to happen, but if that focus, I would not have wanted.

– Do you really like people to see you? One can not catch a character 24 hours a day, obviously things that will not be seen every day, it's probably one more cautious, but hungry or sleepy … I hope not They make me hahaha unbearable.

– Can you reach the end? Obviously, I'll believe so but I will not go to that stop if I'm going to win.

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