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Are you ready? Political court "Coca" Mendoza, mayor in the banking for Viña


The process that has to investigate and resolve the electoral justice before the request for dismissal of the mayor Viñamarina Virgina Reginato and seems to have a new one, no matter how much she has said "I want to die in the job. " It was enough the "I have every preparation" and released the adviser for UDI Gabriel Mendoza Ibarra when asked before the possibility of the civic throne becoming empty, so that questions start to build up: Is it or not? What is it? What's missing? What do you notice other players who have gone into politics? How have you done in the borough?

The first thing: this can happen in a few months, the year, more, or perhaps never. Depending on the time taken by the Viña del Mar Regional Electoral Court after four opposition council members submitted the letter, based on the Manager's report which shot the urban deficit of more than $ t 17 billion. The case was recently welcomed; little and nothing else has happened for now, but the debate continues with its course.

And while a former Colo-Colo star and former reality participant like "1810" said he had not put himself in the case of Viita that Coty, he also said he had what he needed. As the most voted council member at the last election, he will have the first choice if the vote among his peers, as set out in the norm for these cases, ends.

Mendoza, known so far for being a councilor (elected in 2016) rather as a “conciliator” and “dialogue” by some of her peers in the borough, is described. as someone who arrived in part because of the connection to a key piece in Reginato's court: his head of staff, María Angélica Maldonado, "La Manam", in the local environment. Opposition councilors say her husband, Javier Aravena, you had a friendship with Mendoza when he went through the House of Sports of that communion.

The previous crack is not humiliating. "The UDI may be an elite party, but it brings things to the people of the town, which is where I come from.", after his election in 2016, when other players asked him to choose that side.

Since then, Mendoza has concentrated his work on top of the council's Sports Commission, and has broken Reginato's spears since he argued the argument about the deficit.

There are many interventions, so it can be seen in the council's records. Well, it is not available on the civic website, but until March 7. Mendoza has not attended all the sessions either, and according to the registration it will not be Viña or Chile among the next April 8 and 11: At the session held on 7 February, it was approved that the mayor, Mendoza and the The adviser UDI Jaime Varas "Attending on behalf of the borough to the. T 'Seatrade Cruise Tourism Fair';, to be held in Miami, USA. "

Despite the argument about the deficit, it was unanimously approved. But there were councilors who had "expressed annoyance" as others were not invited.

The $ 26 million raised by that Manager

In the "preparedness", Mendoza faces a question: the Manager carried out a millionaire repair in 2017 which can lead to results.

He reported a report published that year that the borough was not proving that Mendoza, during 2014, 2015 and 2016- had achieved the work paid for by contracts for fees for the Free Football Schools program. He was ordered to return something more than $ 26 million.

The "Coca" filed an application for a claim, together with sworn statements. The Manager rejected these as such and said in a final report.

Today in the morning they explained it, because the former football player did not want to replace the said silk, the topic came from award of accounts so that the public officials who approved the resources replenish them. These, in turn, could charge Mendoza.

"It must be an administrative error. I made my mark and very good," he said. This morning it was not possible to locate it.

"Football is the most transparent, don't miss it" t

Even if you're ready, you have to prepare more. Study Be very transparent and careful. In case. What the councilor is recommended – if he's lucky enough to replace Reginato – two other men who jumped from the grass to the polls.

"It always has to take care of the image, presence, within the situation one holds it. And prepare", make you see the Deputy Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Prietoformer Cobreloa player, Rangers de Talca, Universidad de Chile and Everton. Tell me that "I had prepared myself tired; When I was playing in the 80s, they used to say 'proxy' because I liked reading politics t at the meetings. "

For the same reason, I advise Mendoza "not to give the best to prepare, to advise; I have my lawyers that help me, for example." Prieto adds "we should not trust him", but more than that "Football, sport, is as transparent as it is. That's the essence one can't miss, of transparency".

And, on the phone of Coihueco, Regionuble Region, its mayor, the former professional football referee Carlos Chandía – yes yes, Mendoza condemned when he played – he wants him the best of luck if the case happens and recommends "take this with the passion that football takes, because I am 39. Apply the same discipline and thoroughness.

He also does see that "the lack of experience means he makes him keep his legs in, not wanting" and especially he is careful with the twins: "Obviously! The civic theme is quite tempting, many want to make an interesting splendor, that relies heavily on human value in the public function.

Prepare more? "Obviously, he continues to study political and public affairs," emphasizes the former referee.

– Was it clean on the court when you arbitrated it?
-No, it was like the vast majority of players: they were insured, no one ever wanted to lose at a meeting with an opponent.

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