Monday , October 3 2022

Are you an Android user? Worried because we can miss WhatsApp messages


Whatspp This is the first choice for thousands of people around the world to keep in touch with other people. Thanks to the fact that the application offers a number of options, users have a number of resources (clubs, videos, gif, files and images) to communicate with someone.

However, the company revealed a message Not good news among its users, and from Monday, November 12, people with a cell phone with Android could lose all their messages.

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By statement, the company, from that date, stated that WhatsApp Backups which can not be stored in the cloud, can be lost.

This decision is due to an agreement agreed WhatsApp to Google which allows all conversations, pictures and videos sent through the application to be stored via Drive, the file storage service, without space to the Google account.

The problem for those with their mobile phones Android system is that up-to-date WhatsApp backups for more than one year are automatically removed from Google Drive storage.

"You can save your messages and your multimedia files in Google Drive so that, if you're switching to another Android phone or acquiring a new one, you can transfer them", The company is noted.

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The company also recommends Contact your phone to the Wi-Fi network before making a backup in Drive as the file can vary in size and use a large amount of mobile data, producing additional payments from the mobile operator.

How to avoid losing all messages?

To create a backup in Google Drive, follow these steps:

-Abra WhatsApp.

-Set the Menu> Settings> Chats> Backup button.

-Sub Save to Google Drive and select how often you want backup copies.

-Delect the Google account you want to use to keep your backup. If you do not have a Google account, press Add an account. Do not forget the username and password of your Google account.

-Set Save to use to select the network that you want to use to keep the backups. Remember that backup using mobile data can increase your use of data and thus create additional payments.

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You also have the option to save your conversations manually at Google Drive at any time:

-Abra WhatsApp.

-Set the Menu> Settings> Chats> Backup button.

-Set SAVE to start & rescue the rescue process. This process can take a few minutes.

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