Monday , October 3 2022

Are smart phones coming back? The sale of technological devices would reduce its sales by 8% this year


When closing this trade balance this year, a sector could reset it in its sales volume: technological devices.

According to estimates, the IDC group, a company that analyzes the technology market, means that sales of devices such as smart phones, tablets and notebooks decline by 8% in sales. As a result, if the item sold around 11,400,000 units in 2017, in 2018 that figure will be reduced to 10,560,000 units.

Therefore, it is anticipated that around 840,000 technological units will be sold less than last year by the end of December. The current technological devices, smartphone, will sell 5.7% less than in 2017. That's because 8,440,000 smartphones were sold last year, and this year they will not reach eight million.

The next article in importance is the notebook, and it is estimated that 1,293,000 units will be sold this year, 61,000 less than in 2017. The tablets also follow the same line: the trade will selling 665,000 items, which represent about 100 thousand less than last year.

"In terms of 2017, the local market has had a predominantly suspended behavior in units," said Cristián Peña, IDC consumer analyst, adding "sales collapses have fallen from compared to previous years. The trend so far was that this quarter grew digitally compared to the previous quarter, a phenomenon that will not happen this year. "

In the case of the projections, IDC suggests that the sales pyramid, despite the recovery process, will remain the same: smartphone as an absolute leader, followed by notebooks and tablets. Of course, note, watch pre-watch in its location, although it is still a complementary device.

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