Monday , January 17 2022

Arancibia's speech he calls former Higgins' partners to go down to UC


Universidad de Chile does not rely on itself for the title of the National Championship, because the Catholic University leader needs to ride on one of the two dates to be able to dream of the crown.

A blue assault Francisco Arancibia He hopes that the cradle can get points on Sunday in the duel against O 'Higgins, a former board of the fighting ram. Truly, the young assault admitted that he had asked his or her former partners to hand the laity.

"I told everyone, I called the ones I most trusted, I told them they had to go into everything, because they were about to go into a drink", had acknowledged Arancibia on Tuesday at a press conference.

"Hope (it will affect the pressure), because the Catholic is with high points and I think this was not expected. Hope they will be scared, we are all convinced of going out to win these two games and we'll see what's happening there. Unfortunately, it does not depend on us, but we know that if we win and win in the games, the weights we give them are great, so we hope everything will turn out, "he added. .

He also referred to David Pizarro, who confirmed that he will retire from football at the end of the year: "I'm seeing David well, no-one in Chile wants him to retire because of the good player, because what the young people bring to him, he's very grateful to have him from day to day, to learn from him. What I have been a partner with is the fact that I'm very happy to see training, watch play and come and share a dressing room with him. There is a decision that takes us and hurts us all"

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