Thursday , November 26 2020

Apple attacks in Qualcomm in China with an update to continue selling their iPhone

Nth round.

We have a new round and a new update – too many senses – from the Qualcomm case against Apple in China.

Repeat in advance: Qualcomm accuses Apple of breaking two software patents on its iPhone in China, so they were asked to be removed from the market. Justice gave the reason to Gymcomm, but the measure is still effective and the equipment is still being sold.

This measure goes from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone X, although Qualcomm has already put it in the heart air for that launched this year: XS, XS Max and XR were also in the ruling. The issue is that any of these computers can be sold, with iOS 12 because it would not break the patents.

Today, in a new ingredient to this legal plot Apple prompted a small software update that meant that the Qualifying case was invalid, according to Reuters.

In this way, Apple spoke to the source saying:

Based on the models we sell today in China, we believe that we comply with justice. Next week an update that will modify the two small functions of the patents referred to in the case will be sent.

In addition to the above, if blocking sales in China becomes effective, Apple is threatening to bring Qualcomm into justice and prove that there was no breach. If that happens, Cymcomm should be responsible for the economic compensation caused during the days that the terminals were not available and given the nature of the Chinese market, it is probably not accusers are no longer left here.

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