Wednesday , June 29 2022

Appen Sven Von's day told CNN Chile, if Bachelet did not have a little investment "we're looking for a new Pinochet"


In a time environment, the Paralysis of occasional workers Pacific Ocean End (TPS), in Valparaíso.

Employees have already completed more than 30 days of giving up activities and the displays have been radicalized in the last week. They accuse unusual working conditions, their employment is in shifts and the work ends every eight hours. For this reason, they ensure that they do not have compensation, remuneration, paid leave, among other rights.

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O ran, the consesai, managed by the Appen Von Group, they maintain their position that they are not in a joint bargain and, for this reason, it is not appropriate to talk about "labor conflict".

Following this conflict, the statements made by the port manager will be restored Aen Sven Vonwho told her CNN Chile in the presidential elections 2013, if Michelle Bachelet did not have a small investment in his second government "we are looking for a new Pinochet"

"It did not do a lot compared to those who were in front, especially Pinochet", He said after presenting his voting.

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That same year, in statements to La Segunda, he said on the economic growth of the country and said: "This president (Felipe Larraín, head of Finance), this president (Piñera) and many others created this cut in Chile, quite unique, that happened in the past with a very good president (referring at Pinochet)"

Then he added to the Chilean "their appetite has grown so much that they can not stop. That will produce that they will gain weight and become more comfortable", Referring to social requirements.

"The only solution is crisis, international or Chile, of a financial nature ", sentenced to the business.

After these statements, Appen Von's family apologized publicly and said that these statements did not reflect their values ​​and ideas, or those of the Ultramar group. In turn, they argued that the employer suffered "Dangerous illness that is typical of old age".

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