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Apex Legends: 7 locations and control settings that will help you win

We would like to show you a series of you modifications and control settings that will help you win at Apex Legends, something basic to try to adjust the game as best as possible to the game.

Besides knowing how to play Apex Legends, it is also important that you know how to configure the game well, and as such it is mandatory to pay a visit to the control, graphics and sound options. Maybe, at the beginning, you will have many doubts about what sensitivity or other options to choose in Apex Legends, but we will help you in this regard.

Thanks to these control and sound for Apex Legends You will be able to take more advantage in issues such as sensitivity or response curve, giving you a recommendation that could be good for your games, although everything is about to play in the long run.

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Apex Legends: 7 locations and control settings that will help you win

First of all, you have to find the placements, commands, graphics and sound of the game that goes to the tool icon.

Tab Command

Apex Legends
  • Sensitif looking, the recommendation is that you leave at level four, thanks to this we will have a balance at the time of aiming and moving. In other titles such as Fortnite tend to give higher sensitivity because we need to combine other elements such as construction, but in this case we need sensitivity not as high as there is also a need to move a lot on stage, interact with he and escape the assault of the enemies. This will also enable us to keep the ping method well to communicate with colleagues. In any case according to your way of playing, you could even load a few points.
  • Sensitivity when aiming, in this case, it would be more likely to put it at level three. This will enable us to most of the conflicts that are made in the game, which is the medium or long range, it is easier for the grid to be placed on the enemies. As we said in the previous one, according to your way of play, you could raise it up to a few points.
  • Chronic Response The thing that would be wise to leave in the second place, that is to say. This refers to how the analog input of the phone is used at turning time and view. Putting it in Firm is perfect for a balance between fast and fast control.
  • Repairing a dead zone, this is done to avoid control inaccuracies when playing with remote comfort. The best thing is that you leave it unemployed because of this way the control improves when aiming for it. Few leaves it Reduce.

Graphic Tab

Apex Legends

In the graphic tab, we will focus on the field of vision (zoom level in your game). In this case to guess better on the enemies that are at a distance, it is better set between 90 and 100. In any case, this depends on the distance you play . So you can change it according to the size of your TV and if you play in the chair or in a seat near the screen.

Button layout (Command tab)

Apex Legends

You will see that in the left zone that you start with the Default. In any case, we recommend that you choose the third choice, in particular the call Blows with Button. This will cause the buttons to be re-installed because it will make it easier to reach our fingers. In any case, again, this should be chosen according to your way of playing.

Audio tab

Apex Legends

In the audio tab we have to configure everything to favor dipping. For this, we always have to play with chips to listen to other objectors when they are close to you. So the music is reduced to the best because of what we are interested in is the hard and hard audio.

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