Thursday , August 11 2022

Apex allows more than 700,000 hackers




The Apex Legends hacker reporting system has been gradually improving. Starting with a redirected link to the website and then adding it to the game and then adding the hardware lock, Apex has perfected its system with more than 700,000 users to hack for hacking .

By a statement from the company, some numbers reflecting the improvement of its system were published:

  • "The total number of players now approved is 770,000"

  • "We have blocked the creation of 300,000 accounts"

  • "We have punished 4000 account dealers with traps (spammers) in the last 20 days"

  • "The number of games that have been affected by fraudsters or spammers has fallen by half in recent months thanks to recent efforts" t

Developers of the popular battle roy will continue with one of the biggest challenges they have had since launching the game, to keep the new players who, when entering a game, facing a hacker that encourages us to uninstall the game. .

"The reporting system implemented within the game has had a huge impact on the discovery of new traps, including those that were not identifiable from the front and are now automatically detected by the system. against EAC hackers (Easy-Anti-Cheat). "Drew McCoy, executive producer of Apex Legends.

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