Tuesday , October 4 2022

apart from ffome, he treated him as a lawyer


Alfredo Lamadrid and Coco Legrand were invited to TVN's "No culpes the la night" program, where the criticized producer Felipe Avello was negative, while the latter was praising him.

In part of the space hosted by Katherine Salosny they showed a video of the old SQP journalist sending a greeting to Legrand, and he replied "he has always called my attention because of his ingenuity."

After the good words, Lamadrid fought immediately and said: "I have a different opinion, I've got it very well. It has never brought me a smile. And I'm also in it find it very difficult because I've been really helping me to get in to the TV. "

"What I got from it was that he said that my plan was ancient, I was ancient and it was terrible. For me, it's the one that makes people laugh at beautiful and I have never smiled with Felipe Avello, "he added.

Before "Everyday" driver explained that this had to say to Avello from before.

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