Monday , October 3 2022

Antofagasta closed its historic campaign with a victory


The 2-0 Second Division cast at Deportes Iquique was the fourth 30th game ending in the Scotiabank National 2018 Championship.

Deportes Iquique Deportes Antofagasta received a game for the analyzes, the projections and closing a year where both teams ended in quite different ways. Some of the Second Division set their highest hierarchy and took the final win of the year by 2-0.

The "Celestial Dragons" hosted the category and closed year with 32 points, which is placed at the bottom of the board. The "Pumas", in so much, has finished with 54 units, the best campaign of the club's history.

With fourteen prizes, eleven draws and falls, Gerardo Ameli (who has renewed his link) has distributed to the Sudamericana Copa 2019, which will be the first international participation.

Until the multiple definition of this Sunday (Temuco vs. UC, Curico vs. U, Colo Colo vs. Concepcion to Palestine vs. Huachipato), Antofagasta was the team that scored the greatest goals in the Is First First, with 48. Escolta was in Unión Española (44), but it has already closed year. Thirdly the blues and the "Campanil" (43).

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