Saturday , July 2 2022

Another child with symptoms of rape is admitted to hospital


Last Friday, a child of 6 years died as a result of human illness in the same hospital

A 5 year old boy with symptoms of rape in a hospital in the Dominican capital is accepted, the same center where another child died on Friday due to the same illness, reported on medical sources.

The boy was blown by a dog on November 19 at Pedernales, in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, and ten days later, he was subject to an anrtiricic vaccination scheme, receiving four doses, according to a report by the Robert Read Cabral Hospital, in Santo Domingo, where he has hospitalized.

However, three days ago he presented fever, hypothetics, hydrophobia and aerophobia, according to the information. The samples took the sample samples to the national lab.

Last Friday a he died less than 6 years old as a result of human rabies in the hospital above, where he immediately met Pedernales after being dipped around a month ago by a dog, which increased to three dead this year in the country due to this disease.

According to the Ministry Health In Dominican, between August and September this year, a day of dog and cat vaccine was held at Pedernales, managing immunization 4,708 animals of an estimated population of 5,000, for a comment of 94.16%.

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