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ANEF accuses Government "razzia" and calls for a national strike for mass redundancies in the public sector


Council's president and delegates agreed to call a national strike for Thursday, 6 December. They accuse the government of breach of agreements "creates unacceptable uncertainty and an incredible situation" for tax workers. The redundancies now come to 4,700 from March to date.

The conflict over employee mass mass redundancies continues to increase with the National Association of Tax Workers' Association (ANEF) to call a strike of national activities for Thursday, December 6.

The bill was adopted by the advice of the presidents and representatives gathered this afternoon, the president of the organization, Carlos Insunza informed. "This is a response that gives full duration to the battle for job stability and the best of the races that have since been developed since March by Sebastián Piñera," he said. # 39; the leader.

According to the ANEF, in the last few weeks, there have been a total of 2,000 redundancies added to 2,700 other public workers who have terminated since March, the month the Piñera administration took its functions.

The leader stated that the "ANEF" convocation for grounds is to prepare the conditions for effective national strike action and to hold public demonstrations to appeal to authorities and government Responsible for these measures in terms of protecting employment from our colleagues and colleagues, and also protecting the continuation of the public service that has been endangered by these anti-social and illegal anti-social measures. "

From the union institution accused the Government of the breach of the agreements adopted in the framework of the negotiation process of 2019 pay adjustment. "The agreements made by the public sector board and & # 39 ; The Government, last week, with the ministers of Felipe Larraín have been trampled and Nicolás Monckeberg, who accounted for clearly within the set of issues dealt with in Government's commitment in Finance Minister's Circular 21 on the objective norms who would go to regulate and take into account the renewal of contracts and fee contracts for 2019 "Said Insunza.

Insunza added that the practices of the Piñera government "harmed public administration and state workers and employees create unacceptable uncertainty and an unsustainable situation".

Apply the modification

As well as the national strike on Thursday, another side of government pressure will be a 2019 salary adjustment in the Congress, where ANEF has the support of the opposition groups that have voted their votes because of these huge layoffs.

"The process of the law of the adjustment law for us should be a place where Congress and parliamentarians also make full demand for the commitments taken," said Insunza.

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Explanations of Piñera

President Sebastián Piñera today came to the debate, explaining that there were no "political prejudices" in the redundancies.

"What I asked all the ministries is that they should evaluate with every justice, without political prejudice, that the people who have been hired, which are contracts for a year and which now have to be refurbished, should paint did their job well and in case they did their job well, they were asked to renew the contract. Those payments that were not necessary and where the performance was not enough were obviously asked not renew their contract, "he said, a conflict that explains what was raised by the unions accused of political redundancies and not considering the performance of those involved.

For example, it should be remembered last week the Association of Women and Gender Equality Officers' Association Associations reported to the Office of the General Manager of the Republic that the redundancies fell on verifiable and remarkable trajectory officers in Gender Equality and Equality issues, in the case of people who applied for public competition and recording the envelope on a regular basis.

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