Wednesday , June 16 2021

And the flaw that burns and the smallest

In modern football where there are pressures and immediate results, the lesser coaches of the trainers will be seen. Author's team, as you could call it.

The last great example was Arsène Wenger. The Arsenal coach was not less than 22 years old, the most successful stage in the history of the Gunners. There are fewer and less processes such as the French or Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester United, where the same trainer almost lived in the same place. That's why Diego Simeone stands out at Atlético de Madrid, the unique cause of these days in the world of first football.

El Cholo joined his organization with the organization until June 30, 2022, the fourth renewal as a matrix trainer, a project with a defined style and protected by the seven titles won by Argentina. The former player took over on December 23, 2011 and was debated on January 7, 2012, tielessly with Málaga Manuel Pellegrini in La Rosaleda.

"What makes me renew again is everything I see in the future. I see work, I see people getting involved to continue to grow, I'll see youth who can create team level progress … I am convinced that the road must continue as when we started that night in Malaga, just thinking of the game by matching, "said Simeone after refurbishment

There's a lot that means much to the red and white shop. The club president, Enrique Cerezo, said the following after the victory over Juventus: "Cholismo is everything for Atlético de Madrid".

If Argentina succeeds in finishing its new contract, it will become a second coach with more consecutive seasons in the same club in the first Spanish section: 11. Who is leading this section is Miguel Muñoz, who was is responsible for Real Madrid between April 1960 and January 1974: 14 seasons.

If he is currently, he shared the bar of being a most time-consuming coach in European large societies with Stéphane Moulin from French Angers. The difference is that the 51-year-old Gaul takes a job in June 2011, six months before the Cholo. That is, they are seven years and seven months in the same situation. Christian Christian Streich completes the podium, who is the technician of the Freiburg for seven years and months, like Cholo.

Within the upper teams of the Old Continent, the Atlético case stands out. There is a matter of looking at club coaches who, for example, are in the Champions League. Simeone is, with the distance, the most durable DT. The following two are Mauricio Pochettino, from Tottenham (four and eight months), and Massimiliano Allegri, from Juventus (four years and seven months). Further according to Germany Jürgen Klopp, from Liverpool (three years and four months). The one that takes less is Santiago Solari (Real Madrid), almost three months.

Chile's football is still far from this process. In the First Division, who has more time in the job is Francisco Bozán, in U. de Concepción, with two years and three months.

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