Friday , November 27 2020

Analyst: The Government gives Chile an orbit of the right radical bird countries

Y political scientist Claudio Fuentes he confirmed Cooperative that y Government Sebastián Piñera and her coalition They chose to harden their discussions and actions, and with this they give Chile "to be the orbit of the least radical countries."

"The government has a fairly polar discussion on a number of issues. The migration case is, perhaps, the most recent and obvious, where jobs are polarized very radically, the politics of the good and the bad are played, "said Fuentes when talking to the program. Speaking.

Y academic UDP he said not only the Executive, but Chile's coalition, Vamos, has "moved strongly towards much more extreme jobs" in areas such as abortion, La Araucanía and the migration noted above: "Obviously make the hardest jobs much clearer in a series of subjects, (with) less liberality"

"Strategy contrary"

He emphasized sources that Piñera President, that night, celebrates Evopolis's sixth birthday, says: "The left promise paradises, but it will give us hell".

He added, with these types of statements, "a encrispamiento and policy, difficulty reaching agreements in the Congress, and then there is a conflicts between discourse are: & Let's find agreements, let's try a dialogue, and the next day the President accuses the right to be hellThere is a strong resistance, in my opinion, in the Government's strategy"said the expert.

Claudio Fuentes also emphasized that these phrases had been put into action Evópoli, The party says "scope is completely reduced to the face of a much more radical debate, which gives Chile, in general, an orbit of the most radical bird countries".

Evópoli began to grow

"We studied in the UDP, we surveyed the parliamentarians, and (we saw that) Evópoli is the party who believes most in the market, the biggest player in the market; less statistic than all political spectrum, including UDI and National Renewal. He has a very anti-state component, and perhaps the President (Piñera) what is being reinforced is the anti-statistical identity of the Evofpoli market, which is why he takes that speech to that place ", he says.

The analyst, of course, said too Evópoli noted that "he had a different audience than an original speech", because "six years ago, Evópóli was named as this liberal party, which promoted issues of diversity, individual freedom as an axis, and it seems they are now talking to a tougher sector"

"Today, we live a policy of hinges, what location I will occupy, and I think, in preparing those hinges, Evópoli said: If I want to grow, I need to have more entitlement. Maybe that's the census. You have to see how to go in the civic for Kast. (The movement) Republican Action is doing day to day work. Kast is going to regions and, Clearly, I believe that the right in the dispute is no longer at the center, but on the right"he warned.

"Evópoli moved from a dispute for the center, for the Christian Democrats, for Citizens, to fight the right wing votes, which leads to reserves," he said.

Chile open

For the expert, all this is also given in a situation where there are advanced-right groups "looking at the European logic, these middle classes living in debt, who see the State does not give them all, they feel passionate about foreigners, and play those cards with medium-term political projects "

"Historically, Chile has been very sensitive, above all, to European politics – as well as Latin America, clear – and today, with social networks, more openly between the different countries, all these waves are reproduced and much easier, the mechanisms of spreading political arguments are produced, as we have seen in different parts ".

In this sense, "Chile is much more open today than 40 or 50 years ago (radical speeches), especially in a process of deregulation, where traditional parties lose weight and these new movements are more obvious. I believe that the polarization arguments that we live now and are unfortunately, are worried"finish.

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