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Analysis | Series 4 Watch Apple: Apple's hidden jewel Exhibition


Last September, a new version of the Apple Watch, which was considered by many, was released as the most interesting news of the company, even before the new iPhone. This is the most obvious redesign that smart watch has proven since it was sold in 2015, with new offers abroad and its role, including health and exercise applications.

Analysis and pricing

Analysis | Series 4 Watch Apple: Apple's hidden jewel

Analysis | Series 4 Watch Apple: Apple's hidden jewel

Since its introduction, we have used it as an incredible support to the iPhone XS (here you can read our analysis published at Banco de Pruebas, without EL PAÍS Discover, last October), and although it does not seem like This, at first glance, is the Apple Watch Series. There are 4 significant design differences in the previous generation. The main one is that it has a larger screen (30%, according to Apple) that reduces the frames to almost the edges. With OLED technology, it shows the images and texts in a very defined way and provides a level of energy that allows you to look perfect in the open air, regardless of how much sun you & # 39; n do it. This increase in size means there is room for more information and, therefore, new complications have been introduced, that is, the name Apple refers to applications that are always visible in the field.

Technical data

Screen: OLED touch Force Touch

Box: 40 mm, 368 x 448 pixels, area 977 mm², weight 30.1 g; 44 mm 324 x 394 pixels, area 759 mm², thickness of 10.7 mm, weight 36.7 g

Processor: S4-bit dual 64-bit slip and W3

Sensors and connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS 4G LTE and UMTS, connection Bluetooth 5.0

Compatibility: iOS

Benefits: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS

Battery: Up to 18 hours of independence.

Memory: Capacity 16 GB

Others: Resistance to water

It has also suggested that the size of the boxes has changed. Before there are two versions: one of 38 millimeters (mm) and another of 42 mm. In the meantime, the Series 4 has grown to 40 mm or 44 mm. If they did not tell us, we would not have noticed it, as they even served the same straps that the previous generation watched.

In the case of the speaker, it sounds more robust now and the microphone is able to hold the audio better because it has left itself. Thanks to these small changes, communication is better but, at least, as long as calls, it is still necessary near the device to hear and hear well. Another thing is such features walkie-talkie, and it's more than good enough.

A new digital crown is adjacent to the screen (the wheel allows you to scroll through apps and content) with a haptic response system: thanks to a small internal machine, it produces the feeling that it is moving in steps, which helps a lot to scroll through lists and applications.

At the edge of this crown is one of electrical sensor electrodes in two parts. The other is located on the back of the Apple Watch 4 Series – the one in touch with the wrist – and, from its combination, allows to perform electrocardiograms. This function, one of those who said most after the installation of the device, would help to detect heart disease or metabolic changes due to the electrical activity of the heart. And we talk conditionally because it is not yet available: it will arrive first in the US and it is likely that it will still be late to reach (if it's) to Europe. What we can do now is to establish notices if the clock finds that our rate of heart is higher or less than a specific value.

Automatic recognition

Analysis | Series 4 Watch Apple: Apple's hidden jewel

Like this, Apple Watch records daily activity – steps, calories, distance, among other measurements – it allows to receive and answer calls and messages, it is rigid and she has a GPS

For everyone who wants to monitor the sporting activity, two new yoga and hiking programs have been added. The most interesting news is that it can be found when we carry out specific exercises and sends us a notice to ask if we have started training and we want to start the registration. Available running, walking and swimming, the system works very well and we're losing it in other cardiovascular activities. I'll also act when you think we stopped (in this case, in any activity), but here we had more failure: for example, during the yoga session, we recommended stopping training when we were in fact make relaxation exercises. For this function others will be added such as the possibility of running competitions with family and friends with the device. It seems silly, but it intends to stimulate and make more sport.

On the other hand, smartwatch can know if you have reduced and, if so, send a notice that can be ignored if it is only scare or call a crisis in more serious cases. In fact, if it is for 60 seconds after the hit does not detect a movement, it will automatically make that call complete with the location. This function, which is very interesting for people with mobility or elderly problems, is implemented during the initial configuration of the device for people over the age of 65 and, in younger people, with hand. Fortunately we have not had to check how useful it is.

Finally independently

Although last year's Apple Watch Series 3 had already received a LTE version, it never came to Spain. On this occasion, it has done so, allowing leaving the mobile phone at home on some occasions and continuing to receive calls or messages; Something we like especially when we go out to practice sports.

The competition

– – Fitbit Versa (185 euros). Includes a female health monitoring assistant designed to help understand the link between the cycle and menstrual health and keep a detailed record of what is happening every day of the month. Read our analysis here

– – Samsung Galaxy Watch (302.81 euros). Available in two sizes, it has a 4G version, thanks that you can listen to music streaming, connecting wireless headphones and leaving the mobile phone at home.

– – Fossil Q Gen 4 (258.98 euros). Comprehensive and with GPS, it allows you to download music directly on the device with third party applications.

– – Garmin Forerunner 645 Music (€ 427.50). It enables you to store up to 500 songs in its internal memory, including listers of players or app or Deezer.

Rather than having a slot for a normal SIM card, use a virtual duplication of the phone. The bad news is, at the time, that only with Vodafone and Orange are available and there is no confirmation that this list will increase at present.

The independence of the Watch is also enhanced thanks to attendance Bluetooth 5.0, which allows direct and fast communication with AirPods to listen to music or podlediad. Syri does not have, but its functions are not very limited and as soon as something complex is asked, such as "Who is Dua Lipa?", It refers to the smart phone.

Finally let's talk about the configuration, although there is no reference to this type of device. In this case, it contains a 64-bit dual core S4 processor that allows each task to be done with the maximum liquidity. In the 40 mm model, the one we have had the opportunity to prove, the battery allows us to reach the end of the day with liquidity; roughly with 20% of the remaining energy of independence after doing some exercise session. That's why it's still mandatory to download it daily.

The best, the worst and the conclusion

The best: It is comfortable to use and has very complete functions.

The worst: It must be loaded daily and it is more expensive than other offers.

Faith: a he must For iPhone users standing out for its screen and extensive features, although we would ask for more autonomy and a better speaker.


Apple 4 GPS Watch Series of 44 millimeters. Smartwatch with an OLED touch screen with Force Touch; Case 44 mm; S4-bit dual-core S4 slip and W3; 16GB memory; Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS 4G LTE and UMTS sensors and connectivity, and connection Bluetooth 5.0.

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