Sunday , October 2 2022

An error in UDI elections drives the dream of voting electronically in Chile


"In this case, we do not want to pick up the UDI on anything, it does not make any sense. The service was not provided." The sudden my heart E-Voting has silenced today in front of his paper in the party's ban ban election in sospe points and the possibility of applying an electronic vote in Chile. A system that is not regulated, and that the ultimate verification of itself, ultimately, until yesterday is 2020 municipal and governing elections.

The company that was employed by the UDI reduced further from the speech he had received yesterday, assuming the blames on the episode and not imposing responsibilities or approving them to the game. They even eliminate the dissertation from a preposition to the process, and the parties that were partners in the gremialistas in Chile Vamos there were voices that disagreed completely to re-test with the electronic vote.

"Unfortunately, what happened to the UDI with this, I believe it is clear that the electronic vote does not exist in Chile," said RN Parliament and former presidential candidate for La Tercera PM. Manuel José Ossandón.

From Evópoli, the senator and former competitor in the presidential university on the right, Felipe Kast, warns "so far the technology that Citizens have occupied and the UDI has not given the widget to guarantee its internal processes. Although that does not change, I tend to vote personally. "

But he added "fortunately, they responded on time and the election was deferred. If they had not done so, they would be in a very complicated problem to solve, and the Javier Macaya list attitude has been very commendable in the face of the this difficulty ".

Company: Politicians "are clients who are very hard for them to work"

"The hacking has been deleted, for now we are eliminating it. First of all was our first doubt, but obviously we did not have an external assault problem," he was sentenced early today – with Radio Duna microphones – board chair E-Voting, José Miguel Piquer.

According to the executive and its innovative day of digital communication in Chile, immediately the hard blow for business of its company, after the Citizens' paper, had probably improved with elections as the consultation park lagoon, Father Hurtado. "I do not think many political party clients will arrive, it will be a difficult area to pick up again", he acknowledged.

Piquer stressed that the strength of his company had been union and union elections, "politics is difficult, we are getting too many messages and issues that are very hard and working clients, and I think That explains many of the problems. Our systems are the same, but the type of choice is very different: they ask to do things that we do not do at the other elections , which is face to face and with many limitations. "

He added that "we have made around 460 elections without problems. We have had problems with two cases, which have come out in the press and become famous, unfortunately. But in general, we have a lot of confidence in our system ; we should have taken more precautions in this case. "

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