Sunday , November 29 2020

An actor accused of not being a teenager actor of "Wild Belly" defends herself: "She inspires me" | TV and Show

This week Argentina was shaken by the harsh evidence of the actress Thelma Fardín, who is well known for her work in the children's series Wild. In a stunning video, the artist said she had been raped at the age of 16 by her colleague Juan Darthes.

According to the story by Fardín, a man at that time, 45, was abused at a hotel in Nicaragua, where the cast produced children's production.

"One night I started kissing my back and said nothing. I left my hand, contacted me and said: & # 39; Look out how you're giving me & # 39; & # 39;, said Fardin in the clip that was published at a press conference, where around 50 actors reported about harassment and sexual abuse in the media.

After the imagination provoked by the complaint, the 54-year-old actor gave an interview of less than 10 minutes to channel A24, with journalist Mauro Viale, where he claimed he was innocent and He ensured that the actor was the one who had "inspired him".

"I never rape or harass anyone. I do not know what happened to Thelma. I can assure you that you've hit my room's door because I wanted to call to change the card. I took her Out of the room, I told her that she was mad, I was a big boy, she had a girlfriend. I was the one who told her that my children were his age. God! How can I do that? kind of thing? ", he noted.

"Nothing has happened, she motivates herself and wants to worry me. I know what the truth is. I'm going to Nicaragua to show my evidence. It happened nine years ago. We did not return only on the plane, there were many people. No one saw what he says "he says.

According to him, after the appearance of the complaint, his life was transformed. "I can not explain to you the night I spend. Everything that was said, when I saw it … I had very dark thoughts, I said already, I've died. I want people to know I'm dead. Twice they can not kill me. The only thing that interests me is to say my dreams. I have never raped anyone, I never harass anyone, "he said.

Juan Darthés has been part of a number of Argentine productions among Gypsies Primicias, Gasoleros and Soi standing out.

As well as the allegations of Poetry, the man was designated for sexual harassment by the actress Calu Rivero, Anita Coacci and Natalia Juncos.

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