Tuesday , October 4 2022

Álvarez apologized after the battle with Marcelo Salas


University Católica's captain told the event that had happened in the Germán Becker stadium wearing rooms.

Cristián Álvarez made a balance of a Catholic University Championship and a career in the peripheral club.

At present of apologizing for the "mistakes" that he could have done during his years in football, he took the opportunity to send a few words to Marcelo Salas, president of Deportes Temuco, meeting her in Becker's dressing rooms German.

"I'm not short and there are things there. Something happened A fever, a thousand apologize for that"said the captain.

"We met, the guys were not very good, but I sent a message that was taken"said Marcelo Salas.

The problem would be to refuse the stadium guards to let members of the Alvarez family go to the court. He said "Matador" was a security hardship due to the disorders that occurred in the last cross title in Temuco, in 2016.

"The glass was separated, then you have to be vigilant. He told me something, I answered him and this has already happened"Salas said.

Radio Cooperativa said, given the presence of blowing, that Carabineros could be required on the lateral.

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