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Aliens on the ground? Harvard astronomer ensures the presence of space beings – Technology and Science

© Twitter Aliens on the ground? Harvard astronomer ensures presence of space beings

The academic mentions the existence of others on our planet. Tvn


One of the most respected theoretical physicists in Harvard and president of the Institute of Astronomy at Harvard University, Abraham Loeb, confirms the presence of aliens on our planet.

Loeb has made more than 700 publications on astrophysics phenomena and, in the last time, he is interested in studying life outside the ground. That's why in an interview with ABC, the theoretical physicist ensures that the existence of extraterrestrial life is one of the most important humanity questions and that the interaction with them would change everything we represent and represent.

Although Loeb has the idea of ​​finding extraordinary life, he confirms that these saints would be completely different from us. "We may not be directly with other types of life, but just with their artefacts."

"Extraterrestrial comprehensions could multiply our information in an impossible way of measuring. It would be as if someone from the Middle Ages was scandalized to the 21st century, "said the academic.


In an article for the Loeb Astrological Journal of the Letter He ensured that the first extraterrestrials would already be in the grounda. "On October 19, 2017, the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii re-registered a strange object in the air, moving so fast that it could not come from just outside the solar system. This is the first visit that we get from the outer space that we are aware of. I was baptized with the name of Oumuamua. "

In addition, the theoretical physicist added: "Our horizon has been expanding through history, from the person to the family, then to the clan and then to the country." Later, we discovered other continents where people also lived. If we now find other creatures outside the ground, we would soon expand our horizons"

"Life or at least life on earth, it is not done for traveling between the star. Cosmetic radiation will be a huge problem even in a short trip to Mars, "said the expert.

Finally, Loeb comes to the conclusion saying he is "Skeptical that civilizations are very amazing. In other words: They are not very careful their planet, and ultimately destroy themselves, either through nuclear wars, by the effects of their actions on the climate or by destroying their environment. "


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