Tuesday , May 24 2022

Alfonso Parot gave the victory to Rosario Central with a goal and was sailed


Chileel's side scored the only goal of the game with a powerful drawing on the left. He added the "scoundrel" to San Martin de San Juan for his second consecutive win.

The victory in the classic against Newell's in the last quarter of Argentine Cup key to recovering confidence and returning to good results Rosario Canol, Alfonso Parot acknowledged this to CDF News.

Before the game against "leprosy", the "scoundrel" had six games without winning. After moving on to the final of the competition, the team led by Edgardo Bauza added his second consecutive victory.

Central came to an end for the smallest account San Martin de San Juan. The great figure of the commitment was the side of Chile. The "Poncho" scored a great goal at 61. Take a look at the goalkeeper that visits a powerful arrow on the left of the outside of the area.

The local supporters recognized the good performance and former defender of Universidad Católica and at the Estadio Gigante de Arroyito they began to hear "Chile, Chile …".

Academi Rosario reached 18 points and was close to entering the qualifying party of the South America Cup.

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