Thursday , December 3 2020

Alexis Sánchez shared children from the home of children who wanted them with multiple gifts

2018 was a difficult year for Alexis Sánchez in sport, as he has been packed with questions about his team performance Manchester United. However, it does not forget. The one that has been brought around by deprivation and now incorporates fame and luxury life is once again surprised with the social work of those who most need a little hope in its future.

This Thursday, Chile's national team attacker i child's village "Los Amigos ", at Peñaflor and the children who lived there were toys, new shoes, the invitation to play football in their sports complex and the promise they sent to set a pool of dependencies and the house that is working so they can enjoy summer.

"Maravilla" spent her time also advising children, reminding them, for example, that they should not stimulate things such as smoking or drinking. It was exactly there that history arose, as one of the children questioned how to question Arturo Vidal Yes, he was drinking alcohol, and Sanchez answered, among those who were laughed, that "he's already big".

Look at the fun moment between the children and Alexis.

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