Sunday , March 7 2021

Alan González had a generous gesture with opponent Martín Valenzuela

In this new episode of Pasapalabra where participants compete for a 30 million rosco o pesos participating Alan González as the captain of the blue and Martín Valenzuela, captain and oren team.

During the game "Crosswords", a Alan He had only one word to complete the competition, but decided to waive and lose those two seconds. But why did he do it?

In a previous game he was faced Pamela Diaz a Renato Munster, and model Rocio Marengo (from the Orange team) "hide" the answer and so i Alan They give him two seconds. That is why the author wanted to pull those seconds in the next game, so that the rosco was fairer.

The post has endorsed the participants and the audience and the program.

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