Monday , October 26 2020

Again, Miguel Herrera would be an option to lead the Chile national team

Mexico City /

In Chile they do not have the full confidence of what they can do Reinaldo Rueda with La Roja in Aberystwyth The American Summit of Brazil during the summer and that's why they're starting to think about some options to replace the Colombia in the face of deleting the t Conmebol for the World Cup of Qatar 2022.

The Federation likes the offensive style of the pig Chile Football, that's why they are the list of potential candidates to direct their choice in case there is no good role in that Copa America

It should be noted after being deleted from Closes 2019, the strategist left him in front of the team, because he knows that the demand in America is always to get the championship and that he didn't succeed.

This is not the first time Herrera Aguirre lead Chile's national team, too 2016 its name sounded but eventually it was decided Juan Antonio Pizzi, who's left it out of the World Cup

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