Sunday , November 29 2020

Again in the hands of the TC: a tribunal admitted resources from Chile Let's go against the project that is the conditions on the freedom of warriors DHHH

From Chile, we appealed to the Constitutional Court arguing that the draft Law of Conditional Freedom released by Congress was "committing a series of regulations", such as the Rome Agreement, by establishing a series of "broken" and "39" requirements ; the constitutional warrant of equality before the law "and" seeks to demorate against Punta Peuco prisoners. "The TC gave a course to the requirements of the right and a public hearing was quoted on Wednesday, December 19.

He gave a new signal in favor of Chile Vamos of the Constitutional Court (TC). This time, the entity declared that the inconsistency requirements introduced by government parliamentarians against the draft Parole law, which, in fact, gave more demand to present these benefits to human rights detectors.

The pro-government assault refers to this project that was sent by Congress last November, and that accelerates the rule for giving this benefit. The debate on this project was rebuked in the face of the debate that created prisoners of Punta Peuco's liberty from the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, who will now have to comply with two thirds of the sentence, ethical co-operation and repentance

In Chile, we have argued that what was finally approved in the Chamber of Deputies "offends a series of regulations", as the Rome Treaty, by "establishing a series of requirements that are not only unconstitutional but also unreasonable , "according to the President of the National Renewal, Mario Desbordes.

In the presentation the deputy Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI), who insisted on the thesis, added that "the way in which the requirements for a person who have committed certain types of crime, which are those committed between 1973 and 1990 , breaches the constitutional warrant of equality equality before the law. "Meanwhile, Camila Flores (RN) correctly accused that the project included" a permanent dialing spirit for a sector serving a sentence in Punta Peuco for some offenses. "

The CT also called the public hearing on Wednesday, December 19 between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm, arguing that this diligence "can contribute to the legal resolution of the issue raised in these cases, and hear interested parties who explained about the normative legal standards in the field of human rights, constitutional law and criminal law ". The list of re-events will be known on Tuesday, December 18, in what order and for how long.

The decision of the Constitutional Court in this matter is added to a series of correct gestures, such as receiving the official official requirement against the regulation that regulates the institutional opposition to conscience in an abortion case in 3 cases, giving green clinics a green light to receive public money and refusing to exercise these procedures.

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