Tuesday , August 9 2022

After 3 stunning chapters: Pacto de Sangre introduced dramatic development due to the TV Vineyard break and Show


There were three episodes of high flying having the teleserie for us Blood Covenant during this week, where the enthusiasm of Wales is Marcos (Néstor Cantillana) against his wife Josefa (Loreto Aravena) and sinister Benjamín (Álvaro Espinoza) scheme, which includes small.

However, Channel 13 has already announced that the production will come in cut during the period of publication of the Viña Festival 2019 (February 24 to March 1), so followers should wait to see how the story continues.

In this way, the station introduced in advance to what will come in the series, which will show Marcos outside the prison, but tired of the effects of cocaine, Feliciano Still looking for the truth and Benjamin joins herself with a little.

In her part, Josefa will go into a stage that she has to decide whether Gabriel (Pablo Macaya) should be trusted and to eliminate the violence cycle she had joined with the character of Cantillana.

On his behalf, the violent business will again try to approach his wife to start redirecting, but the best friend of Maite teacher (Blanca Lewin) will reject this.

On the other hand, a large part of the star cast of the teleserie will be present in the Vineyard Festival 2019, which takes place this Friday at 10pm.

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