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Accountability rejected by Airbnb for the deaths of Brazilian tourists in the National capital


The maintenance request Airbnb He went into the debate after this Wednesday Six Brazilian tourists died in a division of Bellas Artes neighborhood in Santiago, it is similar because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to the same firm confirmed in a statement, property was controlled through this system working as a t "Uber Hotel": anyone can offer accommodation without having to be a hotel.

In the letter, repeated by CNN Chile, Airbnb said " tWe are sorry for this tragedy. We follow the situation closely and work urgently to provide support to the families of guests during these difficult times. Safety guests and guests is our priority. "

In terms of the reassurance that his guests can get, the company said that "our community is our priority" and that ensured it the events registered in their departures are rare.

"The safety of our community is our priority. More than 500 million passengers have arrived at Airbnb Negative events are very rare. Even so, we are constantly working to improve the platform, our policies and protective measures because even an accident is too much, "they argued.

In the statement, however, there is no recognition of responsibility for what happenedgiving so much concern to those offering the accommodation. The application ensures, as a system, that they provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors free of charge to the hosts, as well as asking them to certify that they comply with local laws.

"If hotels book a place where the host has not yet reported that they have smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, the Airbnb platform will identify this to the guest so that they are aware of it can take the necessary precautions", Added.

Finally, Brazilian media, like UOL and Extra de Globo, said Airbnb had announced that it would deliver the relatives 'relatives' transfers to our country, as well as t charge for the return of the bodies.

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