Monday , June 27 2022

A woman died after being shot by her brother Cerro Navia


The Investigating Police (PDI) is investigating a woman's death that happened on Monday at a confusing incident at Cerro Navia.

According to the preliminary information, the woman was trying to remove her brother's change with a neighbor when she was shot by her relative.

"He was a firearm weapon that his victim, 40 years old, was shot by his brother, who previously suffered from abuse with a person immediately adjacent to his home," he said. Commissioner Eduardo Haro of the PDI's Homicide Brigade.

Haro said “the subject would have been comparable to a neighbor and, after that, I would have fired some shots on it, it didn't work out and the sister, with the desire to ignore the situation, was given the ballistic effect ".

The woman was transferred to the communal Emergency Primary Care Service (SAPU), but arrived without essential signs.

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