Tuesday , March 2 2021

A trader gives the card soupers to those who surrendered the PSU and they are fully compliant – Social Networks

A trader puts sopaipillas off his gart to those who surrendered the PSU and are fully praised

The event occurred in the Melipilla area, where students only had to submit the ID card with the appropriate bell.

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Around thirty young people who had led on Monday had a relaxation PSU in Melipilla, after a trader put sopaipillas off your cart to anyone who indicated that he had passed the test.

Did the Meli News, who approved the dealer's act that he did not welcome putting their products to the students.

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After lying in Prat's street the comune, the woman just ask people to show their identity card with the appropriate stamp, to confirm they surrender the PSU.

The steps produced hundreds of positive reactions from people in social networks, who They appreciate that the trader gives the best of income to help students.


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