Tuesday , August 9 2022

A stunning man stealing wood and attacked garabineros with chainsaw


Four men were arrested in the town of Rucaraqui, in the Swansea Valley Lebu Region, Biobio, after that It was stunned by Carabineros, a wood to steal o specific properties.

According to the organization, at the time of violation of his officials, there was one of them attacked with chainsaw, leaving the law unharmed.

"In scary treats, the four people were caught stealing wood, and one of these subjects, seeing police presence, threatening and trying to attack with chainsaw the staff, achieving this reduction with the other subjects as well as a seized vehicle, "he detailed the t Lieutenant Colonel Cristian Martinez, Chief Officer Carabineros de Arauco.

The officer added "There are no civil servants or civilians who have been injured or by the attack to the personnel".

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Although the condition of the constitutional exemption was still in force, the Second Naval Domain, by message, showed that “the police were in uniform”. move the individuals to Hospital de Lebu to check injuries, which informed the predecessors to Lebu Office, the entity that will have to decide on the investigation procedure and the decision for the four prisoners ".

The Public Administration was consulted on the future organization of arrestees, noting that the procedure was still under development.

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