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A study claims that the Huawei is a smart phone for the rich in China, and the iPhone for the poor


A study claims that the Huawei is a smart phone for the rich in China, and the iPhone for the poor

Huawei It's been news recently because he is the first company to show the world smart phone with hole in the screen, thus anticipating Samsung, who also works in it terminal with this feature. The company is still on everyone's lips as a new study says that Huawei is a phone for "rich" people in China, while the iPhone is for "bad".

From China Post Morning collects An investigation conducted by the MobData agency regarding the type of smartphone used by Chinese citizens. To a lot of surprise, as Apple is one of the most desirable brands in the world, The result of this study shows that China's "wealthy" citizens prefer to buy a Huawei mobile phone, while the iPhone is connected to the "poor" citizens.

In some countries, it's completely opposite. For example, In the US, people with money use iPhones while Android phones are in the background for people with less economical power. The outcome of the study in the Asian country It's partly because of the great competition that exists today in smartphone, where brands like Samsung, Xioami or Huawei continue to grow.

Users who have less economically powered iPhone prefer

IPhone is a phone for the poor in China, according to a study

MobData ensures that IPhone users in China are people with a lower educational level and have limited knowledge in technology, as well as having a few properties compared to Android users, such as Huawei. The study also reflects that the vast majority of iPhone users are single women aged between 18 and 34, who earn less than 3,000 yuan per month, about 380 euros change, and who graduated with only one secondary school certificate.

On the other side is Huawei users, who are behind the study married men aged 25 to 34, earning between 5,000 and 20,000 yuan to that place, about 634 and € 2,500 to change, and have a degree or diploma. In addition, it also reflects that users of the Chinese company they have flats and cars, something Apple does not have.

Finally, this research also reflects that College graduates and those who earn more than 20,000 yuan per month buy a smart phone from Huawei and Xiaomi. In addition, more than half of Oppo and Vivo users earn between 3,000 and 10,000 yuan per month, about 380 and 1,200 euros change.

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