Monday , January 17 2022

A service worker was shot after a robbery was refused


One worker was injured by a bullet after intimidating theft that affected a service that was located on Lo Ovalle Avenue in the San Miguel area on Wednesday.

Y Captain Jonathan Mancilla, Department of Carabin Offenders (Labocar), Around 9:40 a group reported five subjects get in to Point Copec, The two of them have been equipped with firearms.

The offenders threatened the worker Uzi submarine falls and guns.

"Two of the individuals threatened the financier with the desire to steal the money, which opposed resistance," he explained.

The rest, were responsible for threatening and stealing money from firefighters.

Inside the Punto Copec, one of the attackers makes a shot against the funder, hurting him in his right armor Given this, The subjects fled with about 200 thousand pesos in cash.

The victim, of Haitian nationality, is a residential school risk outside life at Barros Luco Hospital and he has been acted on.

Personnel from Labocar and OS-9 perform the corresponding skills to explain the facts and find the offenders.

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