For years, the existence of "spirit members" in ambiguous was a mystery, which has attracted the attention of world-wide scientists. It was a moment that was believed to be psychological phenomenon, fruit disease about the lost body. However, over time he has found that hand map had to be enclosed Creating by measuring patient brain activity is very similar to people who have not lost this part of their body. In addition, some studies show that the "movement" of the illegal hand produces brain activity in umbrellas.

So what would happen if this was all used to create a prosthesis that moves in response to the movements of the illegal body? This question was asked by a team of French scientists, gan Instituto des Systèmes Intelligents et Robotiques, Universidad Aix-Marseille y Physique et Repossession Institut Régional de Médecine. The answer was a prosthesis that moves under the leadership of movements of the gap, so the patients, as they explain in a published study only Boundaries in Bio-Baggage and Biotechnology, I do not need to go No surgery or previous training.

Credit: E. Montalivet 2018.

When the gap stops to be a spirit

Yours 75% of exposures He has the ability to "move" your compound. These movements are caused by Stom muscle contractions they were not connected to the clauses before the allegation. The result is similar to that surgical re-connectivity that is done for placing some prostheses, but in that case it happens spontaneously and without surgery.

75% of deprivation have the ability to move their foul pipe

This led to these French researchers to design algorithms which recognizes the muscle activity that was produced before the movement of the body and reproduces in the prosthesis. At the moment they have carried out tests in two patients with transient falls and, as you can see This video, the results have been very encouraging. There was no one in the prosthesis set on the stum, but instead close to it. However, the patients were managed Hold and release objects in will, just a few minutes ago Get familiar with the device.

This study is very positive for two reasons, mainly. On the one hand, it can include the start of a new type of prosthesis. easier to use. In many cases, those who need training are hopeless for patients, which could be frustrating and Give her up before going on to master. On the other hand, the results support the rest of the scientists who have ensured that there is neurological explanation for the appearance of spirit members and that should be studied more thoroughly, to get such interesting and beneficial applications with the same received by these French researchers.