Tuesday , August 9 2022

A new international RUT account will allow Netflix and Spotify to be paid


BancoEstado is on the way to a new service for clients: a Rut account also works as a Visa Debit card.

With this venture, bank clients They will be able to use their card for paying online services such as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon, which traditionally needs a credit card.

The organization Hope to enable this option to all users from March 19, with a commission of 1.9 per cent of all transactions, which apply to international purchases and drafts.

The cards will include EMV chips, a technology that aims to avoid cloning plastics.

Those who request the service must accept the changes in the charge that this card, reducing the cost of changing the ATM BancoEstado from 300 to 200 pesos and an increase of 480 pesos in the ATM from other financial institutions.

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