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A new Assassin creator's game Creed comes out in August


Patrice Désilets in its history many successes in the industry, as it is one of the greatest paddles when creating the saga Assassin Credo. After leaving Ubisoft in 2010, after working in the Assassin Credo original, the edition Director's cut, Assassin II belief a Brotherhood, Désilets formed his own studio, Panache Digital Games and he's working on his first big game under this new developer: t Ancestors: The Human Odysseyand it's like we will be able to play this year.

The game will take us to explore the evolution of the human race in a period ranging from 10 million years to 2 million years ago, showing a strong emphasis on Survival, but also on exploring, expanding and overcoming new lands. We do not have a specific opponent, but rather our goal is to form a clan big enough to survive predator attacks and cooperate to pass on their knowledge and skills to future generations.

With each other we are more

The concept is very interesting and we promise that every game session will feel different in relation to our decisions and how we decide to face our survival and our evolution t , with some players choosing to go out and explore more areas for food, while others prefer to go straight to hunt for those who used to prey on us.

More dangerous than a monkey with a club … Was it like that?

As announced, Ancestors release date is scheduled for next August 27 PS4, Xbox One a PC. However, this must be clarified the PC version will be available only in the Epic Store for a period of one yearit can then be marketed to other digital portals. We pray that Epic is not given to do more monitors, and see whether your port is evolving once and for all.

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