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A man accused of murdering his bololo was transferred after a week's run


In preventive retention was a reputed author and homicide the past happened May 16 in the Swansea Valley Father Hurtado, in the Metropolitan Region.

The situation happened when one or two bololos argued, which is why one of the men's – from 24 years – he stabbed his partner and then struck him on the head with a baseball bat.

During the last hours, the accused himself came to surrender to the Police Investigations (PDI) accompanied by his father. A statement was taken, the arrest warrant was issued and it was formalized this afternoon.

"He volunteered, along with his father, a young man charged with a murder offense with a sharp and sharp element against another person of the same sex, who was his partner," he explained. Orlando Calderón Homicide Brigade Communist.

"These events take place on 16 May in the borough of Padre Hurtado, where, according to his statement and according to the information gathered, there was discussion ended in battle between the two, where the victim received an inconclusive number of broken wounds in different parts of the body too sluggish wounds in the skull area"he explained.

The man fled, leaving the 33-year-old victim at home. is a refuge in different coastal cities to this day. No one had history. The court ruled 90 days for research.

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