Saturday , November 28 2020

A high fat diet adds to the colorectal cancer of Health | The Magazine

A study conducted in mice by scientists from the Salk Foundation (United States) showed that the number of high fat foods contributing to cancerous cells that could be cancerous.

This effect occurs when the acid of the gap is increased to process the high fat. According to the scientists explaining, the bowel and bowel need to be regenerated regularly to repair tissue damaged by digestive acids and thereby have a certain number of cell cells that replenish their lining. However, the additional presence of bail acid accelerated the progression of the cancer in its subject study, details Europe Press.

"Our experiments showed that the balance of balance acids is key to reducing cancer growth," said the researchers, deciding that fats increase the levels of two specific bile acids that reduce the activity of the FXR recipient.

This finding, they say, would explain why this type of cancer is found in young individuals, who tend to choose this system. (I)

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