Saturday , January 16 2021

A great fun to dark brown: Paloma Mami was facing a look shining and wearing a blond hair | Social Networks

Apparently, any announcement made by Paloma Mami's national singer on social networks, revolves his supporters. This is because it has become a musical phenomenon.

With only two songs, the exchica Red She set her as the biggest China artist of Spotify watch. But not only does his music cause a feeling, but also his special appearance.

This was shown in a recent announcement by Paloma on her Twitter account, where she showed her 35,000 new hair color followers.

"New comment (new look)," said the translator Not Steady, in the photos where it seems to premiere her new blond hair, reaching more than 7,000 "Like".

Dove Mami | Twitter

Dove Mami | Twitter

Recall that Paloma came to fame when she was wearing dark brown hair. However, this image change could be part of the new musical step that started with the Sony Music signature.

Dove Mami | Twitter

Dove Mami | Twitter

It should be noted, in a very short time, that Paloma Mami has taken advantage of important achievements, such as the invitation to the "La Cumbre", "Urban Trap Fest" and "Lollapalooza" festivals.

In addition, he was recognized by the magazine Rolling Stone, as one of the Latin artists "who changed the trap for ever". "That's the fastest signs I've done in my career. I saw the future," said Jorge Fonseca, a Sony Music Latino talent hunt.

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