Friday , February 26 2021

A fire affects two sections of the Water of Bilbao in Las Condes

Around 13:20 on Tuesday there was a fire at Tyrus Bilbao. The loss would affect at least two sections. The buildings that have located in the Francisco Bilbao area and Duqueco Streets are close to the Las Condes and La Reina areas.

Until reaching the space of at least 9 Fire Fire companies, who work to control the flame to avoid its propoagation. It's still unknown what the fire started. Smoke and combustion affect several sections. This would be the second fire of a type in the Oriente sector during this month. According to the information provided by the fire department, the fire originated on the eight floors and higher than the ninth floor.

The neighbors of the sector have shared minutes of minutes minutes and videos of the event through social networks. The mayor Joaquín Lavín has already reached the place as a sign of support for affected neighbors.

New developments …

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