Friday , December 4 2020

A drunk driver causes the death of his companion on the Italian highway El Latino Weather

During Saturday hours there was a traffic accident in the 9th of Comalapa highway where Juan Carlos Soriano, 51, died.

According to the authorities, the victim was escorted the driver of Jesus Hernandez, 36, who was discovered by the police with 263 degrees of alcohol.

The car was introduced where the two people were transported to the ditch of about 3 meters in depth, by members of Cruz Verde reported.

Hernandez was arrested for a dangerous driving crime and illegal death.

During the drug tests carried out by the authorities, 12 people were arrested in different points in San Salvador for dangerous driving, including 11 men and one woman whose alcohol admission levels range from 134 to 293 alcohol degrees.

One of the victims of another road crash was a motorcyclist identified as Stanley Portillo, 28, who died in the scene recorded in the 18 km Panamanian Highway kilometer.

In North Wales, in kilometer 6, another road crash was recorded where white car was rejected, but it was only serious damage.

On the way Quezaltepeque leads to the abolition of Opico, Comandos de Salvamento attended another accident in traffic and climbed into a ditch. In this also only damaged material is recorded.

In the last 24 hours, the National Civil Police recorded 59 road casualties where 31 people were injured and four slaughtered.

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