Friday , December 4 2020

A dollar closes with a strong fall against the Chile cilelier following US weak inflation data

The dollar fell sharply against Chile's weight on Wednesday, in the middle of the international weakness of the money after the publication of US inflation data.

At the end of the interbank market operations, the dollar was quoted at $ 677.8, which represents a sharp reduction of $ 5.1.

Inflation in the United States registers zero variation in November and attention is turned to the Fed

This movement is largely explained by calling the North American currency in the external markets. The Dollar Index – which measures the performance of the money against six currencies of the world – weakens 0.37%.

Bags are strong for optimism about the China-UDA agreement after the release of the Huawei operation

This is, after the publication of US inflation data, which reported a free variation in November.

The market analyst of Latam XTB, Carlos Quezada, explains that the US macro data shows a stabilization of core inflation of over 2%.

"The market is already presuming a new hike in December, but by 2019 we would only have 1 or 2 increase, which is depreciated by the consumer internationally. The rate Local exchange is in line with the weakness of the USD, "added Quezada.

This was added to the increase in the need for risk among investors, after the new optimism in the commercial war.

With this scenario, rising money rises sharply and Rand South Africa leads the list of appreciation with an increase of 0.96%. Behind is the real and Chile average with developments of 0.92% and 0.75% respectively.

In the opposite lane, the Indian apprentice is the only money that falls against the dollar with a depreciation of 0.23%.

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