Saturday , September 26 2020
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A collective actor leaves TVN's dramatic area


The crisis that affects TVN is not a mystery for anyone. In fact, from the state signal directory, they recognized that there could be a new adjustment in the jobs.

In the midst of this scenario, the intruders of the Network released the historical actress of the dramatic area of ​​National Television of Chile: Amparo Noguera, who ends the contract in December this year.

The news was notified by the panellist, Roberto Van Cauwelaert: "They told me that he was very sad. Among his words, he said:" It's probably like it. " kicking out of my own house … It's disappointed. They'd let him understand that it would be part of TVN in a bet in the future or in another program. & # 39; n understand that the channel was at a difficult time, but he thought it would continue to be part of future projects, "he said.

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