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A cheap shoe shop influences local mock luxury dealers


Little is willing to pay more about the idea that something is unique, scarce and, therefore, it's luxurious. In fact, that's what the US store has taken advantage of Free of charge.

In fact, creating a website and Instagram account was sufficient enough for the shoe company to engage with a group of social media influencers, who decided to attend the opening of a new shop that did not exist. In addition, at least one paid up to $ 640 dollars (about $ 430,000 pesos Chile) for really cheap shoes.

At CNN they report that everything was part of a viral campaign that triggered the creation of a new fake luxury shop called "Palessi", located at a shopping center in Los Angeles city. For the grand opening, 80 influencers were invited, the shelves were filled with free cheap shoes, the prices were increased under the illusion of inconvenience and the rest were in history in two days of a fake opening.

Among the comments and influencers, it was possible to collect stories about the "sophisticated" shoes presented to the store and even claim that they would pay up to $ 500 for shoes that are not actually more than $ 19.99 dollars (about $ 13,500 pesos).

In total, the store sold $ 3,000 dollars over the two days, but all the money was returned to the influenza. Even in Payless they let the corrupt activists wait with their shoes and pay them a small amount because they have attended. And, obviously, the company has won commercially to show that their affordable shoes are also fashionable.

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