Sunday , June 26 2022

8 seconds on PS4 Pro to 0.8 seconds on PlayStation 5


We do not always know what will be called the new PlayStation, the next Sony is comforting that we will continue to call our loving for now PS5but the company released its first details last April. Today we have breakfast with us video recorded during a briefing session where we can see some of its functions while operating.

There is a comparison between PS4 Pro and PS5 load times. At that time, it was said that fast flights in Marider-Man Marvel would go from a 15 second bread on a PS4 Pro to 0.8 seconds on PS5 thanks to the inclusion of a hard disk of a kind. SSD. The video shows that or some of that, look at it:

The first thing we see is a screen Spider-Man Marvel loaded in 8.1 seconds on PS4 Pro, while on the new Sony console we do that 0.83 seconds. The second seems to be a tour of New York's game, where intermediate payments are in the PS4 Pro version when the speed is increasing, while in PS5 everything seems as if we are currently loading without what you quickly move through the city.

When we gave our opinion on what we thought of the first details of the PS5, all VidaExtra editors agreed that SSD content to lighten load times was the most amazing. If we can expect big budget games without significant load time, we will enjoy good quality of life.

It's still to be seen at the expense of what we're going to get from that feeling that there are no loading times and we can think of one or two important issues: t the ability of the SSD and the price that the console can get because of this. But it's still early to secure anything. For this time this is what we have and, as can be seen, the PS5 performance looks very good.

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