Sunday , November 29 2020

5 Collected Colloquialities who have not yet defined their future

As well as being the final step of choosing a coach, in Colo Colo, they also look after the squad breakdown before the 2019 tournament and in that sense, there are a number of players with an uncertain future that they will not remain in the organization.

1. Brayan Véjar

The player performed his own fault and confessed that he had not taken advantage of their opportunities. For the same reason, there is a fact that will start lending a His name likes teams like Everton, Palestine and Huachipato. During the last tournament, only in six dates he started, he added 654 minutes and it was several weeks not stated.

2. Andrés Vilches

He scored two important goals in the UC title and there were some opportunities to extend your loan. However, Beñat San José's sudden departure changed the plans and we have to return to the preseason now in Macul. Here you have to wait for what the new training staff decide.

3. Felipe Campos

After the departure of Pablo Guede, his records were covered and although he had said more than once that he did not intend to leave himself Marcelo Espina gave him a list of spending in August. In Macul they are waiting for a motion to leave.

4. Bollard frames

He arrived after exploding in Antofagasta, but in Colo Colo it could never be combined. He left UC where he thought he would resume his level, by meeting Beñat San José, but that was a long time. In the cradle they were not interested in extending the loan and it will be restored to the talent before the season.

5. Nicolás Maturana

He was one of the most relocated of the last championship and he only added 243 minutes, so his departure appears. Despite having a contract until December 2020, it is very likely to be on loan. Palestine could open the doors.

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