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4 effective exercise for women that will keep you fit from home

The opportunity to give you fit before the end of the year! These exercises are fast, functional, and suitable for doing at home.

Do you need exercises to balance? The new routine is challenging, and finding the balance of time to exercise is crucial. Stay active wherever you are with these activities:

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And if you can’t find it, at least imitate that you’re jumping. The action is what counts. Try to perform short jumps, the less you lift your feet off the floor, the better the result! Skip a minute and rest for 30 to 60 seconds.

Repeat for 10 minutes. You will burn as many calories as if you walked half an hour!

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If your excuse: I have no time! This plan is for you. You only need seven minutes. Without excuses and with pants, practice this EMOM format (every minute at a minute or every minute in a minute).

That’s how it works:

Set a timer that sounds alert every minute.

Do the exercise for a minute. If you can’t catch, stop, but at the start of the next minute, start with the next exercise!

The great advantage of habits High Density (HIIT) is that these vary depending on each person’s level of physical condition, becoming personalized training.

Seven minute sequence:

Minute.1 Jumping jacks: Open and close legs and arms. They are also known as star jumping.

Minute. 2 Deep squat: Squat with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Minute. 3 Push Up: If you can’t hold them fully, you can do them by holding your knees.

Minute. 4 Skaters or skaters jumps: These jumps simulate the skaters’ movement.

Minute. 5 Displacement: Take a long step and bend your front leg until the knee is at 90 °.

Minute. 6 Funds in banks. With your back to a bench, rest your arms on it. Now spread your legs and bend your elbows.

Minute. 7 Lying face down, lift your body with the help of your arms and proper control of your abdomen.

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The best abs and they are even called blanks or planks, and has become viral in some digital challenges (#challenge). Its success lies in the fact that it is an isometric exercise that involves maintaining posture and contracting all muscles in the body’s contract, working in these areas:

Abdominal correction

Abdominal tract (faja

natural body)


Lumbar area

How are they made? Hold for 30-60 seconds. Rest for 15-30 second intervals and try again. Try to repeat it, at least seven times a session. The challenge is to extend the posture time relative to the rest time.

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4. Dance!

Put your favorite playlist on Spotify and voila! This exercise will improve your health and mood. Dancing the way you like in the club, without being stopped by grief. The challenge is to move for seven minutes continuously (and if you can more, it will be better). As well as burning fat and calories, you will feel euphoric.

By: Beatriz Velasco Castilian

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