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29 tricks and features to expand Sony possibilities

We bring you a collection of 29 tricks and features for PlayStation 4. Although we have been with it for years, some of us have always used it for just over play, watching movies and series, and now we have not been worried about how to get the best out of it and to know what it is its senior functions.

If you are like me, this article can help you to press your consol a little more. We have tried to remove other compounds of tricks where we also focus on the most basic functions, they do not make so much sense in a device that has already been on the market so much. However, and although we have some, we have chosen to focus on them Other functions that are slightly more hidden or are not used frequently.

1. Get the best out of your headphones


DualShock 4 has your PlayStation 4 jack 3.5 mm to connect any headset you want. That means, if you do not have enough with the officers, you will always be able to use anyone else have a home and you'd like more. And you can also buy others, such as the number offered in this ExtraExport article.

And if you're looking for a completely wireless experience, you can also connect your Bluetooth headphones. You have to go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth devices and choose in the list. Of course, before you have to make sure your headphones are officially supported by Sony, as not all are compatible with the console.

2. Choose what you hear on the headphones

Choose Sound

And once you have connected your headphones, you can define two types of audio settings. You can only talk conversations in online games, or if you prefer, just listen to all the sounds.

  • Press the remote center button
  • In the quick menu, click on the option Sound / Devices
  • You will find several options of volume control and others
  • Press on Output to headphones
  • Choose between All the sound to listen to everything in the headphones, or Audio chatting I just listen to conversations & games online

3. Manage PlayStation 4 of your mobile phone

App App

Sony is also app to connect mobile and mobile link. It's called PlayStation App, and you can download it from Google Play on Android or to iOS App Store. From it you can check events and casualties, make remote purchases and installations of your mobile phone for your console, and even exchange codes or access to the communities.

In the app you also have access to the option Second screen that will make you download a second application. O hi you can write from the mobile phone in the console to save you have to be doing with the menus command.

4. Set the sleep mode to leave download games

Sleep Mode

PlayStation 4 has a function of preloading digital games. This means that when you buy some games from the official Sony store before they leave, you can download them a few days before they are ready on release date. And both for these downloads and for when you do not remember downloading and want to take advantage of the night, you can set the sleeping mode so that the console continues to be connected and downloading games while taking less.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Energy saving locations
  • Now go to the option Functioning functions available in sleep mode
  • You will specify a menu where you can set the functions that are available in this way, such as supplying food to USB ports to leave remote uploads, keep the console connected, or save & # 39 ; r Games and applications are stopped.

5. Automatically shut up comfort comfort

Automatic Disposal

If you are one of those sleeping in the sofa when watching a movie, or forgetting those who usually leave the console on energy use, it is possible to You get rid of weights from your head. The PlayStation 4 allows you to automatically program once the time you decide will have passed.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Energy saving locations
  • Within the menu, click on Set time to switch off your PS4 and choose when you want to be done automatically when you have applications or play multimedia

6. Change between two applications when touching a button

Ps button

Yes when you use a game or application Yes double press the PS button at your distance, the console will be second between the two most recent applications or games. Not multifaceted that will save your life, but at least you can save the teddy of leaving an app or game and find the other.

7. Turn on the TV from the console


You can turn on your TV when you turn the PS4. Not all TVs allow you to do that, but there is a function that many SmartTV will enable you to do. The function is called an official HDMI-CEC, but each manufacturer gives it a different name. For example, on the PS4, the "HDMI device connection" option is called.

To be able to do that you have to enable this function on the TV and the console. Doing it on TV depends on your manufacturer, you'll have to look at it on your own, but to enable you to access the menu you have to go to the menu Settings, and within System select the option "Connect the connection of an HDMI device".

8. If you have Vita PS, you have a remote play

Ps Life

Okay, Sony really has already left its veterans mobile console, but if you still have Vita at home, it will never be a reminder you can use it to play your PS4 games at a distance. At least from home to home, which will allow you to use it when you are in the bathroom or lying in bed.

The only thing you need is that you will be identified in both consoles with the same PlayStation Network ID. Of course, you must have enabled the connection in the sleep mode as we said a little higher. Also, You can also use the Vita as a second order, is perfect for games to fight games or co-operatives when you only have Dual Sheep at home.

9. Share your collections and create live streaming

Share a button

In a time when playing games is not an order of the day, remember now that your PlayStation has a share button that you can do a lot of things. You can only take a screen or record video and upload it to Facebook, or Twitter, until you can perform live streaming on other platforms.

All this is done with just pressing the button Share of command. When you do, a menu will open where you have all the options that you can choose from, as well as the appropriate recording locations. There are also different shortcuts depending on how to press the button. You can keep it not to take automatically or double-click to start video recording.

10. Use it to take screenshots to the computer

Share Catch

The PlayStation 4 allows you save the screenshots and the videos that you'll record on USB through the front ports that you have, which in turn allows you to take them later to your computer. However, if you do not want to have the USB up and down, or if you do not want to think which file system is compatible with the console, there is also a bit of circle that you can You share the options between devices easier. .

The method is Share the screenshots or the videos on your Facebook profile configuring it so that you can only see them. The negative part is that you will have to deal with the compression images made by the social network, but back, you can upload them and then download them on any computer or mobile phone that you & Having access to your profile.

11. Your PS4 has a face recognition


If you have Camera PlayStation, you can configure the surface recognition system of your PlayStation 4 i Enter your profile using your face. You will do in some access locations where you can also control the keys, your users or delete the user selector when you turn it on.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Access locations
  • Here, click on Ennyn facial recognition and to configure with the PlayStation Camera

12. There are also voice orders

Voice Orders

What else can you do as much as? Camera PlayStation as with any headset with a microphone that you have to connect is to use the PS4 voice orders. To execute the orders you have to say the word "PlayStation", and when you take more than 10 seconds without saying that the console will give the best to listen.

To use this function you must go to Settings, then i System, and go in Voice action locations. Next, enter the check mark in Use PS4 with a voice. To see the list of orders go to Orders for voice the inside Voice action locations.

13. Maximize your account security

Privacy Settings

If you live in a house with plenty of people and do not want anyone to take part in your PlayStation account, Sony gives you the chance to protected by password in account management privacy settings. You can manage your passwords, check two steps and security questions. If you do, remember our recommendations for creating strong passwords.

And if you want to protect the little ones, you can set parental control To use passwords to restrict access to some games, applications or Bluleys according to their age classification. You can also disable the browser, prevent collecting photos and videos, or restrict the content shown on the PlayStation Store so that children do not buy what they should not.

14. Look at what you own on your store


Has your hard drive filled and you do not know what? In your settings, you will be able to access a configuration that it is you're going to list what you're occupying on the hard disk of the console, be able to be applications, collections, rescue data or subjects.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Store
  • Now, click on Storage system
  • After a few seconds of loading, the list with the different stored categories will appear
  • You can click on the controller categories

15. Download the cloud (or delete) your saved games

Cloud Options

And if you realize that you have saved games that take too much space, you can do three things: stored in the cloud to give the best to look after a place in your console, something that is only available with PlayStation Plus, transfer them to USB or delete them. You can do all this from the same menu.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Manage data rescuing the application
  • If you are within these options, you are now clicking on it Data stored in system storage, you'll be able to see the saved games and upload them to the cloud or transfer them to USB
  • You can also control the data stored in the cloud store, automatically upload it, or save it in USB

16. Get the best out of PlayStation Plus

Ps Plus

In Xataka Basics, we will usually tell you every month that the free games given to PlayStation Plus users are in return for their monthly subscription. You do not have to download all the games that I have to give as a gift, complete the "purchase" process only at zero cost so that they stay in your account, and then download them whenever you want.

But this service also gives you something more than free games. You have about 10 GB in the cloud to save your games, access to it Sharing Play so you can leave your friends try your games without buying them, and regular special discounts with other competition.

17. Use your Spotify music as you play


If you do not like a video track video track, you can always give her a little pressure using any audio track or other music. You have to go to the PlayStation Store a download the Spotify application. When you listen to music with him, he will stay in the background playing songs while you play.

An addition of your part is that you will be able to control all the musical reproduction of the mobile phone so that you will not have to leave the game to pass songs. In Devices available From the Spotify app, you can choose your PS4, and from then on everything you put on your mobile phone will be telephoning directly on the console.

18. Change the brightness of the control light bar


The light bar on the PS4 manager is a differential feature of the DualShock 4. This light can not be turned off, but a configuration is a bit hidden with you can reduce its lungopard in case he worries you to shine so much. There are three incredible successes among which you can re-choose whenever you want.

  • Press the PS round button in the middle
  • In the menu that appears, click on the option Sounds / Devices
  • Now go to Lightweight level of the DualShock light bar 4
  • You can choose between levels Standard, The Media a Has triggered, all with reduced leaks or previous ones

19. See your jewelery (and how much is lost per game) of your mobile phone

Mobile Trophy

At the console, you always could consult the trophies you got in each game and read their descriptions. But of course, you can not take the console to the bar or the restaurant where you're staying with your friends to show. In those cases, the [PlayStation App](https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/ps4/app/ that we mentioned earlier in, go to the profile section, and next i Tlysau click on See details to enter your favorite list.

Here you will find the percentage of jewelery you got in each game, so you will always know how much it needs to be completed. If you record the profile of each game here, you will find a description of what you have and what you're missing, and on the right, you will also have a button to compare your jewels with some of your friends and know who has found more secrets in a game.

20. Enjoy streaming other players


Although not well known, your PlayStation has its own streaming platform. I'm called Live from PlayStation, and it will appear in your list of pre-set applications. With it, you can see the content that is broadcast from PlayStation consoles on Twitch or YouTube, and you can follow live games.

You can find the most popular streaming, watch the broadcasts of the users you are following, or find the reproductions that belong to specific games. And not only will you find streaming games, as you also have lists of screen screens or video clips which has been shared by other users.

21. Ask your friends to let you see how they play

And if you do not have enough options, you can also send your friends' requests to let you see how they play. If they accept that you can access a game in streaming, the closest thing to be on its side when playing in the room, but distance. And it also serves as a friend or friend at the time telling you how to happen to this final talent head that you will take hours in.

To do that, you have to go to the friends option, and go to the list of those who now play something. When recording their profiles, you can send them an application to see the game. They will receive a popular message and can accept or refuse the application. Remember, so that the experience can be good, you will need a good bandwidth.

22. Customize your notices

Emerging notices

Nothing is more annoying for you to lose a notice when you watch Netflix on the console or on a distinguished world in a game. Fortunately, the PlayStation 4 allows you configure which notifications appear to appear without interference, and you can even change the appearance of the notification windows.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Notices
  • Once inside, you can change the appearance of notices
  • Click on * Notable notices to say which can continue to interfere with you and which ones are not

23. Use the remote game on your computer or your Mac

Remote play

As well as a bit higher, we've told you that the remote game is still a good reason to have a PlayStation Vita in the home, this is a function that you can do on your desktop. Exactly, you can play your console of your Windows PC or your computer with a macOS, although you will have to configure DualShock 4 on the PC to play.

Once the command has been configured, download the Remote Play application, which is available for Windows 8 and 10 or for Mac with OS X 10.10 and later. With it, you will synchronize your computer to the console, and then you can start playing remote.

24. Hide all your information from all users

Account Management

Although you do not have a specific function or option of the PlayStation, you can make different settings in your options to create a type of "invisible mode" and no one of your contacts can know about you. This means you can not even know when you're online, or the games you have, or your activities, or your friends or even your name.

It's about a fairly long process to perform, and that we explain step by step in this article from the Bishops of Engadget. Obviously, you do not have to perform all configurations, you can also hide the specific information you do not want others to see.

25. Hide the games of your own console

We have also explained how to hide your games from your library so that you can not see yourself. It's more localized for those games that could be ashamed or you do not want other people who use their profile to see. In that same article, we also tell you how to hide a game of your feeder, profile and activity trophy list.

26. Create backup of your data

Backup back

There is nothing more painful than losing a saved game and having to start from starting a game that you played for many hours. To avoid this, the PS4 has an option to support your games on USB or drive hard you connect through the USB ports of the console.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Backup and recovery
  • Inside, choose the option Create a PS4 backup

27. Transfer the data from your PS4 to another PS4

Another Ps4 data

Either because they have given you a PlayStation Pro, or simply because your old PS4 did not give you more and had decided to change it, When you configure your new console, you can bring the data you got in another. The option is within settings Systemand he is called Transfer of data from another PS4.

They will be transferred all users and their location, saved games and games, and collections and videos that you would have taken. This data will not be erased from the old console in case something goes out of place, and everything will work through the synchronization through the PlayStation Network.

28. Recover your PS4 by leaving it as it has just been purchased


And we finish with the classic option of restoring the system, where it is you will delete all the data and you will reset its configuration I left as a new one. You can do this from the same menu where you have made backups of that and so on.

  • In the main consol menu, enter Settings
  • In locations, go down and click on Initial
  • Inside, choose the option Restore default settings

29. Coming soon: and Netflix from video games

Ps Now

After a long wait, Sony has announced that official PlayStation Now will reach Spain and other European countries. There is a kind of Netflix video video that allows you to play a wide catalog of titles (more than 600 at its launch) in return for a monthly subscription.

But before it officially arrived, in the coming weeks it will start Test system using beta. In Xataka Basics, we've already told you how to join that beta to be among the first ones to be able to try the service that we will know more about in the coming months.

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