Tuesday , August 9 2022

2017 World 1717 FIFA took from Peru: the South America would go to Paraguay and, now, Chile would not apply for the World Cup


The Inca federation itself identified the decision on their social networks.

This Friday, the Peruvian Football Federation received a blast from FIFA. The world football governing body went away to organize the U17 of 2019 World Cup by the Incas and, most likely, also the South America that was due to be held in March.

The reason? "It has not been possible to achieve all the requirements asked by FIFA, mainly with the tax guarantee of the Government", indicates the Peruvian Society.

Although not official, Sudamerian is also uncertain and likely to move to Paraguay.

A few weeks ago, CDF.cl had predicted that the Peruvian people were having problems organizing a qualifying tournament in March and Chile was an option to run. At the moment, that is, from the ANFP abolishing any nomination to organize the World Cup that will no longer be in Rimac grounds. Brazil looks strong.

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